“Navid Niyayesh” Institute, is the first expert Iranian NGO in the field of  Spiritual Health. This center was established in 2016 in collaboration with a group of professors in Islamic studies, psychology, and medicine. “Navid Niyayesh” institute is registered in the Qom Science Park as a Knowledge enterprise because of its innovative productions in Spiritual Health.

We designed some specific educational and practical courses on Spiritual Health to teach skills of Spiritual self-caring to different groups of people, especially the ones who are vulnerable.

Some of our courses :

Spiritual introspection and Spiritual self-help for the general public

Spiritual caring workshops for students of schools and universities

Spiritual health-care packages for refractory patients, and doctors and nurses who are engaged with them

Spiritual health-care packages for prisoners, addicts, etc

Advanced courses to train Spiritual consultants